Arbor Axis 40" Bamboo Skateboard

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  • Arbor Axis 40" Bamboo Skateboard
  • Arbor Axis 40" Bamboo Skateboard
  • Arbor Axis 40" Bamboo Skateboard
  • Arbor Axis 40" Bamboo Skateboard
  • Arbor Axis 40" Bamboo Skateboard


Arbor Axis 40" Bamboo

A snowboard–inspired drop–through for easy around town cruising, relaxed commutes, and mellow downhill.  Artist: Hannes Hummel  



– 8 maple plies with our bamboo top

– Wood and Bamboo material comes from sustainable sources of supply

– Wood and Bamboo by-product is reclaimed for use in other products

– Decks are produced using eco friendly water-based sanding sealers


Trucks: Paris 50° 180mm

– Reverse Kingpin

Wheels: Arbor Sucrose Initiative – Outlook Series

– Designed for carving and cruising the streets

– Fun for all-around town performance

– Size: 70.0mm

– Durometer: 78a

– Contact Patch: 36mm

– Offset: 0.0mm

– Core: Momentum – Low profile for a smoother ride

– Formula: Fusion – Performance, durability, reduced petroleum

– *Amber Formula: Thane – Slide and Slip

Bearings: ABEC 5

Grip: Lucid Grip – clear spray-on grip made from crushed recycled glass

Dimensions:  L: 40.00”  W:  8.80”  WB: 30.63”


  • Street: 1/5
  • Cruise: 5/5
  • Carve: 5/5
  • Downhill: 2/5
  • Freeride: 2/5

Certified Arbor Completes are fully assembled skateboards built using select, high-end components that complement the performance and geometry of each of our shapes. Certified Completes include: Arbor Wheels, Double Shield ABEC 5 or ABEC 7 Bearings, Paris Trucks, and of course a handmade Arbor deck. Each package takes into consideration: the angle, geometry, and size of the trucks; the size, shape, and durometer of the wheels; the hardness and rebound of the bushings; the placement of wheel wells; and all aspects of shape. When buying an Arbor, look for this symbol, and insist that your complete comes with components approved by Arbor Skateboards.

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