Anon MFI Midweight Neck Warmer Women's 2018

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A worry free face mask that will keep you warm and shredding all day long.

The Anon MFI Midweight Neck Warmer is a worry free face mask, that will keep you shredding all day long without any kind of slip or awkward, annoying bunching.  With Anon's patented MFI (Magnetic, Facemask, Integration) the mask is magnetically attached to you Anon goggles.  (Only works with Anon MFI compatible goggles).  No more annoying fogging of lenses, no more tucking your facemask under your goggles, no more weird gaps and frozen cheekbones.  The Anon MFI Midweight Neck Warmer, seamlessly integrates your facemask with magnets.  Simply pull down on the facemask and get the neck warmer out of your way when you don't need it.  When you're ready to shred and protect yourself from those awesome faceshots, in waist deep pow, simply raise the neck warmer back up and let the magnets do their magic and snap back into place!  It's the last Neck warmer or face mask you'll ever buy!  


  • Versatile Midweight Material
  • Laser Perforated Exhaust
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Three Panel Construction
  • Compatible With All Women's MFI® Models
  • Machine-Washable
  • Anon Warranty
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