Arbor Cypress 2018

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The Cypress is a freeride design for riders who like their lines a l ittle more rowdy and their playgrounds bigger. Arbor has created a powerful binding by stiffening their exclusive X–Drive Baseplate with double the fiberglass; adding a l ighter, stiffer and more laterally supportive highback; and beefing up the outsole. That translates into high-speed, big–mountain performance.


  • X–Drive baseplate with 33% fiberglass content
  • 75A Durometer Outsole
  • Dual-Density EVA Footbed
  • 1.5° Built-In Cant
  • Wire–Core Adjuster Strap
  • Adjustable Extruded Aluminum Heelcup
  • 2×4 Universal Mini–Disc
  • Asymmetrical Highbacks with 5° lateral pre–rotation
  • Forward Lean Adjustment
  • Cast Aluminum Buckles and Levers
  • Lifetime Warranty on Baseplate

SIZE:  S/M (7-9 mens boot)  |  M/L (9-11 mens boot)  |  L/XL (11-13+ mens boot)


Arbor designed their new baseplate to enhance the link between a rider and their snowboard, while reducing the impact that bindings have on the board’s flex. they do this with three technologies: X–DRIVE, OUTSOLE, and ORGANIC FLEX.


X–Drive is a baseplate design that enhances performance by more efficiently transferring and evenly distributing rider input to a snowboard. No matter where pressure is applied to the binding, the X–Drive allocates energy across the baseplates structural X shape and out to the four contact points. The result is quicker, more effective control.


A dampening interface made from a special TPE Rubber. The Outsole integrates with the X–Drive design, and sits between the binding and a rider’s snowboard. The Outsole diffuses high–frequency chatter, while providing rebound and cushion for high–impact landings.

  • On the Hemlock Arbor uses a softer durometer TPE for a more relaxed ride.
  • On the Cypress Arbor uses a slightly stiffer durometer TPE for added performance.


The X–Drive design reduces the binding footprint, putting less material in contact with the snowboard in order to allow board flex underfoot to be more organic and true to spec.


The Cypress Binding features a dual–density footbed design that provides impact absorption, comfort, durability, and improved feel.

  • The topside of the footbed is made with a harder material that provides durability and a more tactile interface with a rider’s boot.
  • Under the ball and the heel area Arbor added impact absorbent EVA pods that interface directly with a rider’s snowboard to improve board feel while adding cushion for landings and hard snow conditions.
  • The footbed has a 1.5º built–in cant for a more ergonomically aligned ride.


Arbor's patented “Wire–Core” adjuster strap allows the ankle strap to drop out of the way, quickly and easily, making getting into the binding much more user–friendly. The stainless steel wire also ensures that no matter how many times a rider bends their strap, it will never stretch out or break.


Low–mounted highbacks that allow a rider’s boot to slide in clean, with 5º pre–rotation to provide a more ergonomic feel and freedom of movement.


  • The Hemlock – 15% glass content for a softer, more forgiving ride.
  • The Cypress – 33% glass content for added strength and stability.


Highly durable extruded aluminum; designed to work with the 2×4 mini–disc for the amazing adjustability. Use the highback to center the foot and the disk to fine-tune your stance width. Lifetime warranty.

Mini Disc’s require less surface area and along with the X–Drive help provide a more organic snowboard flex underfoot. Channel compatible.


Reliable and durable.

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