• Outdoor Tech

    Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0

    TBT to when you used to have to carry your MP3 + your ear buds + your smartphone + your walkie-talkie + heated mittens when you would go ride your local hill. Then remember that time when Outdoor Tech® came out with a wireless helmet audio to make...
  • Outdoor Tech

    Outdoor Tech Minnows

    Outdoor Tech Minnows Your on-the-move soundtrack is sounding a little shallow. Dive deeper into the boom room with the Minnows, Outdoor Tech’s minimalist earbuds delivering maximalist sound and an understated, crazy small, crazy affordable package...
  • Outdoor Tech

    Outdoor Tech Orcas 2.0

    Outdoor Tech Orcas 2.0 The Orcas 2.0 are Outdoor Tech's upgraded sweat-proof, and water resistant active wireless earbuds with a custom fit. An audio marvel of fantastically lightweight proportions, the splash resistant Orcas 2.0 weigh in at less than...
  • Outdoor Tech Wired Chips - Universal Helmet Audio

    Outdoor Tech

    Outdoor Tech Wired Chips - Universal Helmet Audio

    Outdoor Tech Wired Chips Good call on checking out the Wired Chips®, universal wired helmet audio. Your experience of the universe will soon be enhanced by Outdoor Tech's slick button controls and awesome audio quality. The Wired Chips® are the...