• Burton

    Burton Bullet Tool

    Speed and safety make this five-in-one ratcheting tool the choice of pros and ams alike. The low-profile shape prevents impactful landings when pocketed, while a foldout handle provides maximum cranking power for tightening screws. Easy to operate with...
  • Burton

    Burton EST Tool

    Pocket-friendly and powerful for mounting and adjusting any binding.   Pocket-friendly and powerful for mounting and adjusting any binding. Burton's most pocket-friendly and popular tool for on-hill adjustments, the Burton EST® Tool’s...
  • Burton

    Burton Hot Stick Iron

    A travel-rated waxing iron for domestic or foreign trips.   Temperature range of 140-374 degrees Fahrenheit [60-190 degrees Celcius] Ideal for all Burton Waxes Dimpled Sole plate heating element for even waxing coverage Symmetrical design for left...
  • Dakine

    Dakine Brass Tuning Brush

    Get that perfect fit and finish on your base with the Dakine Brass Tuning Brush.   4" x 2.25" [10 x 6cm] working area Multi-use brass tuning brush Clean and expose base structure prior to or after waxing Helps enhance structure in base for...
  • Dakine

    Dakine Deluxe Tune Tuning Kit

    Dakine Deluxe Tune Tuning kit Multi Pocket case with zipper Edge tuning tool 10" [25cm] file Wire file cleaning brush Metal scraper 10" [25cm] wax scraper Pocket stone Ptex (2) Octane Bar (All Temp Wax) Scuff pad Tuning tips
  • Dakine

    Dakine Indy Hot Wax Warm

    Dakine Indy Hot Wax  Hot waxing recommended, but can also be rubbed on Added synthetic flouro for best performance Choose Cold for temperatures below 20F [-7C], Warm for temperatures above 26F [-3C] or All Temp for all snow conditions
  • Dakine

    Dakine Mini Edge Tuner

    Dakine Mini Edge Tuner.  Great for on the go and last minute details. Pocket sized guide for side edge filing Two sided tool offers the choice of a 0 or a 2 degree bevel MagnaTraction compatible
  • Dakine

    Dakine Nylon Cork Brush

    Dakine Nylon / Cork Brush.   3.5" x 1.5" [8 x 3.5cm] working area on brush 4 x 2" [10 x 5cm] cork Multi-use nylon tuning brush with cork Use brush to expose base structure after waxing Cork after using rub on wax, or in extreme cold snow
  • Dakine

    Dakine Ptex Sticks

    Dakine Ptex Sticks Polyethylene repair sticks for filling gouges in ski or snowboard bases Each package contains 2 clear sticks and 2 black sticks.
  • Dakine

    Dakine Quick Tune Tuning Kit

    Dakine Quick Tune Tuning Kit. Perfect for quick getaways Multi pocket case with zipper Torque Driver with 5 bits and a 8/10mm wrench Edge tuning tool Triangle scraper Octane Bar (All Temp Wax) Scuff pad Tuning Tips